the eye of I

This page is becoming optimized.

It will contain an assortment of digitally accessible creations, eventually including:
• Video of May 2004 on Richmond, VA Balcony
• low-cost Kite Aerial Photographs (KAP)
• historic infrared photos
• Photos by (and of) people I don't know, from negatives found in the street.
• Terraserver viewer (with no ads!)
• My official online computer animation portfolio
• My official online resumes
• new-fangled WebGL
• old-fangled VRML (this is an archived version of my 2nd website ever...from Geocities) (BTW, it's likely to not work, since VRML plugins are no longer standard in web browsers...)
• old-fangled banner maker (hint: the words you want to display are typed into the URL...)
• Pre-construction photos of the original Arkenstone. (“What’s Arkenstone?” Go take a look.)
• Pre-construction renderings of the new Arkenstone. (“What’s Arkenstone?” Go take a look.)
• a brief portfolio of VRML and rendered 3D models, should be fun to browse
• proof-of-concept showing that HREF's work horizontally too...
• enhanced, edited or otherwise altered images
• how full should a can of your favorite beverage be, to have its lowest possible center of gravity?
• How’s about some possibly nifty thing(s) I've found?
• other stuff more than likely
  like, perhaps, an edible creation? Edible! Edible! Edible! contents the eye of I
the eye
of I
the bud of oddity
the bud of
vaporous sprout
the pencil
the pencil