From 12-(8-9)-98

Aní Moí!
Howís about some real 3-D?

Well, sure, it requires you to be able to cross your eyes, but if you can do that, itíll look almost like youíre really there! (As long as you can ignore the missing outdoor environment, missing furniture, missing doors, missing carpet/other floor stuff, missing hole in the fireplace, missing switches and missing outlets, missing sills and lintels, missing curtains, missing sunlight, missing radiosity....)

On the other hand glass is in appropriate windows, and correctly-oriented woodgrain is on the rafters...

An actual view of the 3-D world
(This view is from the back porch,
at about sitting-height)
Caution: the links to the 3-D world might actually cause your computer to temporarily stop appearing to work. It is in your best interest to not try these links if you have any important unsaved information open on your computer. In some instances, these links might cause your computer to need to be reset/rebooted/turned-off-and-on-etc. This is not serious UNLESS you have UNsaved, important information on your computer. Save it all now and come back here...

Now you know... when youíre ready go ahead and click on íem.

These images are renderings of a partially accurate model Iíve built based loosely on the architectís drawing. (The biggest fudge is that Iíve made all of the walls 6" thick.) This model can be viewed from any location and angle, with no variation of difficulty in re-rendering determined by complexity of the image, unlike a manual pencil or paint drawing.

Right eye sees this
Click on either image to view a higher-quality picture
Left eye sees this
Click on either image to view a higher-quality picture

In addition to these two ďfirst draftĒ images, you can view a larger, higher-quality picture (check out the fridge reflections) by clicking on either picture.

And, for the few of you with VRML-capable browsers, Iíve also exported a little world for you to peruse (This is the 3-D world I was talking about, If youíre ready, click it, itís only 6KB!) This little world is a plain version of the model in the pictures. If you missed that last link, click here to view the rotatable and walk-through-able example of the future Arkenstone.

Youíll notice the rafters that were missing in the first set of drawings.

The roof has to be held up somehow... what was decided about rafters? I think these are called ďscissorsĒ rafters, which allow more headroom toward the center of the house. There are also rafters shaped more like an ďAĒ, allowing even more space below the ceiling. More than likely there are plenty of other options.

I've tried to place the rafters (or whatever the rafter assembly is called) as far apart as I imagine is safe. These rafters are 4 feet apart, which seems more than normal. I dunno if this is a safe distance, the rafters might have to be 18" apart... which would be a lot more rafters.

Also please notice the windowed wall over the kitchen. See how there is no rafter at that wall? Is that a positive occurence, or should the kitchen wall go up to rafter height, with rafters alone above that? (Personally I think it looks a little funny as I have modeled it, and Iím pretty sure it could be structurally sufficient either way.)

(Oh, there is a wierd blocky thing hovering in the kitchen. Thatís a light shade keeping two lights from shining up onto the ceiling. The walls especially show the extra brightness from those two lights.

And, the fridge is mirrored.

Once again, if you have no important unsaved information open on your computer, and you click with your mouse pointer in or really close to this specially-highlighted sentence, a 3-D, extremely basic, virtual-reality-Arkenstone will appear suspended inside of your computer monitor which will allow you to position a camera at any location inside it, as if you were actually walking through. In addition to walking, many browsers allow you to fly around the world, and most browsers allow you to turn this world around as if it were a small model in your hands.

Arenít computers great.

Thatís all for today.

Oh yes, I am also working on my Christmas list.

Itís not as impressive as this.

Rafter, rafter, rafter. Do you know why theíre called raft-ers?

From 12-5-98

Click on any picture to see it at it full size

The original, now relatively plain rendering.


Sun! (or something like it)

That's all fer now.

ll fer now.