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Are Ya hungry?
Really hungry?

Well, howíd you like some nice healthy Polenta?

Itís easy (with a microwave).

Itís cheap.

It doesnít taste too bad, if you add stuff to it.
(Actually, it doesnít taste too bad even if you donít add stuff, but in that case the really inexpensive versions donít taste much at all.)

Corn Meal
Something with flavor

Step 1:
Pour some cornmeal into a microwave-safe bowl. About a third as much as you think youíd like to eat.

Step 2:
Add enough potable water to make a really thin paste. I tend to add enough water to make a smooth, thick paste, then double it.

Step 2Ĺ:
Add food items to increase the flavor of the polenta. Even something as simple as crushed red pepper is good. If youíre not worried about a tablespoon of butter, add a tablespoon of butter. Cheeses are good. Little bits of salty meat are good. Pretty much anything edible and oily, or palatable and strongly flavored can be added, in appropriate amounts.

Step 3:
Get to know your microwave.
This is the hardest part. Some microwaves have lots of settings to allow the most automatic cooking; some microwaves have on and off. At 1000 watts.

IF by some chance, you microwave has power settings from 1 to 10 (or 1 to 0 with 0 being equivalent to 10), and your microwave is about 800 watts (donít worry about checking, it doesnít really matter), AND it has a rotating turntable inside, AND youíre cooking about a cup of raw polenta, set your cooking time to 5 minutes at, oh, 50%.

Put the bowl of uncooked gruel in the middle of the turntable and let it cook for the full five minutes. If itís too hard for your taste at the end of five minutes, remember that five minutes is too long, otherwise, A) eat it, if it seems edible, or B) stir it around to evenly mix the hard and soft parts, and put it back into the microwave for TWO minutes, at 50% and let it cook.

If a fork stuck into it stays upright, itís done.

Or even better, if it looks good to you, itís done.

Ta da!


Oh yeah, if youíve had traditional polenta and have enjoyed it and have any pointers, let me know contents the eye of I
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